Announcement regarding the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria

The United Grand Lodge of Greece of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite deeply regrets the extremely severe, deadly and extensively catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria today.
We hope and pray that the number of victims will not increase and the global humanitarian cooperation will efficiently and rapidly help addressing this tragedy, which has left, in the midst of the storm hitting the affected area, thousands of people (and animals) without a shelter, deprived of the basic infrastructures and core supplies.

They are in our thoughts and not only do we pray that this havoc will not last or ever recur; we also hope that the best possible protection will be secured for the people and generally for all the creatures in this broad area and that the food, care and healthcare and support chain will be rapidly restored for everyone affected, as well as the main infrastructures and housing for everyone.

The Grand Master,
Panagiotis Thalassis

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